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Program at Schools Helps Parents Talk About Drug Abuse

  • Program at Schools Helps Parents Talk About Drug Abuse

    Program at Schools Helps Parents Talk About Drug Abuse

    It’s hard for parents to talk about drugs with their kids. Their child might think it’s a joke and just lets it come in one ear and go out the other. Also some parents might not know how to word what they want to say. All kids should know what drugs can do to not only to a person, but that person’s family. What if a parent decides to sit down with their child and they have already had this conversation with children at their schools. Kids can peer pressure their friends to try something new and it might be just too late. In order to keep drugs out of children hands they must learn the affects they have at an early age.

    Two schools in Vermont have came up with a program to decrease the youth drug rates. The program is called Prosper which means Promoting School Community University Partnerships to Enhance Resilience. In Vermont more than 7% of students try marijuana before the age of 12. The Program is not only for students but parents also the goal is to teach about drugs and learn the consequences to using drugs. They have recently received a $500,000 grant that will expand the programs. Most of the money is spent on food for students, and parents. White families are eating food they watch different videos that show what can happen if you are under the influence, according to digital.

    The more and more students that enter this program the less likely theya re to ever try drugs. Also with this program is not during school so students don’t miss class it starts later in the evening so parents can attend the event also. Not only are students and parents learning about addiction they are also getting academic help. This program is changing the approach of teaching kids all about this horrible disease.


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