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Heroin Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte provides effective heroin rehab services

Heroin Rehab in Charlotte

 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte Will Help You Overcome Heroin Addiction with Life Changing Heroin Rehab


If you’re like most heroin addicts struggling to cope with the debilitating disease of addiction you’re afraid to get the life changing help you need. The perils of withdrawal are enough to keep addicts away who want to quit, but can’t muster up the courage to enroll in heroin rehab for fear of the excruciating process of withdrawal. The problem is the longer you wait to get medical help for heroin addiction, the greater your chances are for fatally overdosing. In the last four years heroin overdose has peaked by 450% in South Carolina. The deadly opiate based drug causes victims of addiction to suffer from chemical changes to the brain, and may cause permanent mental and physical diseases.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte understands heroin addicts don’t “chase the high.” Self medication is the principal cause of drug addiction, and is a desperate attempt for victims of substance use disorders to feel normal. We’re no stranger to addiction. Some of our best medical addiction professionals were once our worst patients. They are living proof there is life after heroin addiction. Overcoming the anxiety ascribed to the anticipation of the withdrawal process during drug detox is key to beginning heroin rehab.


What if we told you we make the withdrawal process quick and painless? It’s not too good to be true!


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte provides safe and effective medically assisted drug treatment for heroin addiction. You don’t have to live with the disastrous disease of addiction. Our classically trained medical staff will provide you with continual 24/7 medical and psychiatric care. You will never be left alone or made to feel as if you’re less than you are. Addiction does not define you, but what you do to get help now will determine your future. Avoid the effects of withdrawal in heroin rehab which can include:


  • Chronic Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Intense Heroin Cravings
  • Violent Mood Swings
  • Sensitivity to Pain
  • Dehydration; Dry Mouth
  • Vomiting & Nausea

Overcome heroin addiction today with our medical professionals’ expert care! Call (704) 586-9353 now!



Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte provides effective heroin rehab services

How Heroin Rehab Can Help You Right Now


You need to act fast to get ahead of addiction. Heroin is a pernicious drug that quickly develops a tolerance in your biological system, and is notorious for causing fatal overdoses. Don’t become a preventable statistic. How many loved ones have you lost to heroin addiction?


Get help now, before it’s too late.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte’s heroin rehab program is fully customizable to your unique level of addiction. We don’t offer blanket treatments here. You get the fully specialized help you need to overcome the brambles of abuse. During heroin rehab we will unfurl the layers of abuse during intensive therapy to discover the essence of addiction and confront it.


During your time in heroin rehab you will learn to take control of your life again, defeat cravings for heroin, and wield emotional managing strategies, ensuring the beast of heroin addiction will never reclaim your life again. The potentials of your life are endless, but first you need to get help! Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte offers clients an intensely personal rehabilitation and experience, and prides your comfort in addiction therapy second only to effective treatment. We provide:

  • 24/7 Access to Medical & Psychiatric Treatment
  • Calm Family Atmosphere of Healing
  • Effective Tools to Battle Heroin Addiction
  • Group, Intensive, & Family Therapy
  • Full Spa & Salon Access
  • Upscale, Private Accommodations
  • Gourmet Meals


Don’t wait to get help for heroin addiction today! Our attentive representatives are waiting to customize your treatment regimen for heroin rehab today! Call (704) 586-9353 now!