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Drug Names Are Becoming More and More Eccentric

  • Drug Names Are Becoming More and More Eccentric

    Drug Names Are Becoming More and More Eccentric

    Selecting a name for drug has become more challenging than it was before. Currently there are thousands of drugs being marketed, making it harder to come up with distinct names for newer drugs that are being marketed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) primarily rejects drug names due to the agency not wanting names to sound similar in order to prevent mix ups when filling prescriptions. In addition to not wanting the names to sound similar, the FDA also prohibits drug names that elicit cultural confusion or sensitivity, as well as names that elicit superiority. However, the FDA does want drug names to be memorable and not very difficult to spell.

    For instance, the newly approved drug Zarxio is drug which helps prevent infection in individuals with cancer. The name Zarxio is memorable and fairly easy to spell, but it also has a “punch.” The FDA typically approves names that have a “very positive, fast, and strong sound.” Zarxio is a drug which has an inviting name and makes consumers more likely to give it a try. Drug names are also becoming more eccentric because it’s becoming more and more difficult to obtain approval for global drug names. For example, Zarxio is marketed as Zarzio outside of U.S. territory. However, no matter what the trade name of a drug may be, they all receive generic names. A drug could have several brand names but it will always have one generic name. For example, acetaminophen is a generic name for brand name drugs such as Tylenol and Excedrin. With drug names becoming more eccentric, only time will tell what the name of the newly marketed drugs in the future will be.

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