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Helping a Loved One Overcome Resistance to Addiction Recovery

  • Helping a Loved One Overcome Resistance to Addiction Recovery

    Helping a Loved One Overcome Resistance to Addiction Recovery

    Addiction is a very powerful disease, once an individual develops an addiction it’s challenging to overcome. What’s even more challenging is for an individual to accept that they have any addiction and to seek treatment for recovery. While the loved ones of an addict watch them treading down a path of destruction, most addicts are completely oblivious to how their addiction is impacting them. Most addict’s will deny their addiction or try to shame others for their addiction problem. When loved ones try to encourage them to seek treatment, an individual with an addiction will typically lash out against them becoming defensive and unwilling to seek help. When an addict’s resists addiction treatment it’s discouraging for those around them who are trying to get them help.

    In most cases resistance occurs because an addict is in denial, they have low self esteem, have unsuccessfully tried to quit, and fear of experience withdrawal symptoms. Also, if an addict is still capable of highly functioning in society and has an established rapport, they’ll generally be too ashamed to admit their problem in fear of loss of respect and admiration. However there are ways to overcome resistance to addiction and recovery. The best way to help an addict seek treatment is to simply encourage them to seek treatment. When encouraging a loved one to seek treatment. do so in a manner that makes them feel as if it’s coming from a place of love and genuine concern. Encourage an addict to seek treatment especially at times where they’re more likely to be resistant. Supplement them with educational materials that talk about addiction and how to recover from addiction. Try to encourage them by using the success stories of recovered addicts. Also, a very effective way to help a loved one overcome resistance to addiction recovery is to stage an intervention. Holding an intervention with a few loved ones, or even with a professional is a very effective approach for getting addicts to overcome their resistance to recovery.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab Charlotte can provide you or your loved one with a comprehensive treatment that’ll help overcome addiction. If you need additional information on how to help a loved one seek treatment call us now to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives for advice. We can help your loved one get started on their path to recovery from addiction with one of our many addiction treatment programs including our heroin rehab or alcohol rehab. Call our 24/7 hotline now at (704) 586-9353!


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