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Should Drug Offenders Get Less Jail Time?

  • Should Drug Offenders Get Less Jail Time?

    Should Drug Offenders Get Less Jail Time?

    When we think of a drug offender one instantly thinks they are a bad person or they have no reason to pursue addictive substances. When it comes to drug dealers you think that they are the reason for all this chaos in the world and when it comes to drug users you think why do they want drugs to take over their body and continue to do damage not to just themselves but people around them. In reality it can be totally different than what you think. Some drug dealers sell drugs to put food on the table, and take care of their family. Yeah, you might say that is no excuse but that is the only way some know how survive. Some drug users are born into addiction meaning they grow up seeing their parents use drugs and follow their footsteps. How can you stop doing something when that is all you know?

    Because drug dealers are often born into generations of dealers- breaking the cycle is difficult to say the least. Attaining higher education and escaping environments conducive to illicit behavior may be the only way to break the cycle. 

    In Charlotte there’s a big debate if drug offenders are spending a large amount of time in jail. President Obama says he agrees drug dealers are getting the maximum time in jail. This week President Obama has decreased time for 46 offenders who come from Charlotte. Experts have said that it’s effective and cheaper if drug offenders are put in drug treatment centers instead of jail cells. If a addict decides to get help in jail he can make that decision but when an addict is in drug treatment court it is a must that they receive treatment, according to wbtv.

    Anyone selling narcotics should do some time in jail but they also should take classes about how drugs can damage someone’s body and other ways they can provide for themselves so they won’t end back up in jail. If jail was the perfect solution we wouldn’t have such a huge drug epidemic. It’s difficult knowing that you can get less time in jail for armed robbery then you would get for having four grams of heroin. At the end of the day we are trying to help rehabilitate these offenders, not condemn them spend the rest of their lives behind prison walls.

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